• 5. Flashset-Release

    On the 26th of November 2005 the 5. Flash Set Release Party took place at the Sign-of-Liberty-Gallery – organized by Nico D.77 and Fabian Nitz with Bammer. 31 Tattoo-artists presented their flashs around the topic “drugs and drug abuse”.

    The Gallery could note 200–300 visitors that evening, who got thrilled by the DJs Rike and Byxe. The After-Show-Party took place at the Wild at Heart with the band „The Tony Montanas“ from Stuttgart.

  • Superfly Suspension

    Within the opening of the exhibition of Superfly Suspension (18.2.2006) about 120 guests could watch a suspension performance incl. video-show in the Gallery – for the musical background DJ Byxe and Ken Rush were in the house.

    For the day after the Superfly-Crew (Chandler, Andrea, Beto) offered two people the possibility to have a suspension in private atmosphere.

    The exhibited photos (by ChrissiX, Axel Bienert, Claire Artemyz a.o.) showed moments of the works by the Superfly-Crew and were shown until the 20.3.2006.

  • Axel Tattooalien – Provokant, bittersüß, organisch

    Starting on 6 May 2006 the Gallery showed 25 paintings by Axel (Tattooalien). Provocative, bittersweet, organic – the guests could feel the magic of pictures, which work by light- and glass effects.

    On 18 June, the finissage took place with the artist himself – suffering on painting. DJ Byxe was spinning ragga-records on that last evening of the exhibition, where interested people and friends came by.

  • Claire Artemyz – Affleure de Peau

    At 7 pm on the 11th of August 2006 the vernissage of Claire Artemyz’ (Paris) photo-exhibition took place. She presented 36 macro shots around the topic bodymodification and suspension in addition to a video-show of her cinematic works. With Ken Rush’s DJ- set (Drum’n’Space) the guests were celebrating until late at night. It was absolutely worth seeing that great pictures which were exhibited until the 25.9.06.

  • Timo Würz – Good Girls Swallow

    On the evening of 14th of October 2006, it said “Good Girls Swallow” at the Sign-of-Liberty-Gallery Berlin. The exhibition was opened by Timo Würz himself – showing 24 paintings.

    Between a few “Good Girls” and two early works from 1976, also some portraits by musicians were shown. Friends and fans came by not only during that night to have a look. The exhibition was open until 15 January.

  • Chrissi X – Punk at Heart

    An interesting mixture of visitors appeared in the Gallery to the vernissage of Suspension Kill Art Reloaded Volume III by
 Chrissi X on 28 April 2007.
The people didn’t only get the exhibition presented – consisting of body art-, fashion- and fetish pictures – because at the same evening also the Superfly Suspension Party took place. Chandler and his team astonished over 100 guests with their coma suspension performance. Until the early morning, the guests celebrated.

    For the day after the Superfly-Crew (Chandler, Andrea, Beto) offered to a group of curious guests, the opportunity to have a suspension in private atmosphere. Until 2 June Chrissi’s pictures were shown to the visitors.

  • Lukas Zpira & Satomi – Suspension Bondage Night

    In the evening of the 8 June 2007 Lukas Zpira and Satomi were our guests in the Sign-of-Liberty Gallery during their “European Tour”. Starting 9 p.m., visitors had the opportunity to meet these outstanding artists from France/Japan. About 90 guests enjoyed the pictures of blow-your-mind-productions, a photo project by Lukas and

    Later that night, two pretty girls were “sacrificed” in a Bondage-/Suspension-Performance in co-operation with the Berlin Superfly Crew. 
Until the early morning the guests were having a good time at the Gallery.

  • Walther-Maria Scheid – Kunstkammer

    The exhibition “Kunstkammer“ started in the evening of 21 July 2007 in presence of the artist Walther-Maria Scheid. At the vernissage paintings and graphic drawings were presented to the visitors, based on the mythological idea of the Daimon as the inner being of the human.

    Interesting works and objects made out of organic materials were shown, which were tying to former projects of Walther-Maria Scheid. In pleasant atmosphere, this first day of “Kunstkammer” ended around midnight. The exhibition took place until  27 August 2007.

  • Neo

    Neo – tattoo- and graffiti-artist from Graz/Austria presented on 8 September 2007 a special choice of his artwork from the last years. At the day of the vernissage starting at 8 pm people had the opportunity to meet Neo personally and loose themselves in the colorful pictures. It became be a pleasant round of visitors, friends and acquaintance that night. T-Shirts, Flyer, Logos and more in Neo’s famous Graffiti-Style were exhibited at the Gallery until 22 October.

  • The Wooden Story

    On the 7th of December 07 – right in time for the start of the Berlin Tattoo Convention – Skull-Pell artwork and Dirty Rebels presented at 8 pm in the Gallery “The Wooden Story”, a traveling exhibition of various artists from all over Germany. On display was an extensive collection of more than 40 skateboard decks hand designed from all areas of art ranging from tattoo and street art to graffiti. Many guests came by and celebrated until 5 o’clock in the morning in a pleasant atmosphere. The art collection was still shown for two more weeks.

  • Superfly – Lebende Bilder

    The 15 and 16 of December 2007, was devoted to suspension by the Superfly Crew. On Saturday starting from 21 am the about 40 visitors could join two performances – a ritual suspension and the special project “Living Pictures”. Acoustically the show was accompanied by two drummers, who created the appropriate atmosphere. Friends and interested people celebrated until the early morning. Following Sunday four volunteers were guests in the Gallery to hold their own private suspension.

  • Superfly v.s Miss Cyberesque vs. AMF

    On 24 April, the Gallery presented a performance night with Superfly, Miss Cyberesque and AMF. The artists thrilled the audience with three shows consisting of a mixture of Body Art, spectacular fetish fashion, suspension and fire.

  • Body of Thought

    Fred Krawallo and Ulrich Nausner presented on the 30. April 2010 the exhibition “Body of Thought “. It showed the positions of the two Austrian artists between body art and text-based conceptual art. The photographs and poetical works were shown until 31st of May 2010.

  • Night of Performances II

    On the 21st of May 2011 the Gallery presented once again a performance night with different artists from all over the world. Coco, La Rubinia and the Superfly-Crew enchanted the visitors with three performances consisting of a mixture of Bondage, Striptease, Suspension and Burlesque.

  • Dome – 2 Jahre on Tour

    On 28 January 2012 Dome presented an exhibition at the gallery with drawings and photographs – made on his travels to Cuba, Austria, India and England. In addition, drawings by some of his companions were also exhibited. Many friends and acquaintances showed up for the vernissage and it was a fine evening in the winterly Berlin.

    Photos by: Vicky –

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